Frisk Partner Program Launched

Frisk Partner Program Launched



September 12, 2022


Frisk today launched its Partner Program with fellow SA-based company Agile Analytics the program’s inaugural partner.

The program is a first for the Frisk brand, enabling partners to introduce customers to the brand for a referral fee upon signup or play a role in implementing the platform directly with new customers. It creates opportunity for partners to drive increased revenue for their own business while also helping customers get more value from their data.

‘Frisk has a strong track record helping clients with big data challenges over the last 8 years. Whilst our team were busy delivering demonstrable results for these clients, we have also been busy expanding and refining the capability of the platform.’ says Frisk Head of Partner Growth, Steve Farrimond.

‘We’ve learned and evolved a lot in recent years. Now is the perfect time for the brand to scale and democratise access to others that could benefit from unlocking the potential of their data.’ adds Farrimond.

Shane Swift, Agile Analytics Chief Customer officer says that the partnership with Frisk ‘Opens up the opportunity for our clients to derive value not only from their structured data, but semi and unstructured data too.’

‘Most businesses have access to a variety of data types, so they need a platform that can unlock value across all of them.’ says Swift. ‘Frisk’s technology can quickly and easily index all data types, which complements Microsoft data analytics capabilities and will provide even deeper insights across our existing client base.’

Nick Kervin, Frisk CEO says the partnership is a huge step forward in demonstrating how Frisk’s unique decision optimisation platform can complement existing Microsoft decision support tools like BI dashboards.

‘Clients that utilise both platforms will be able to see a snapshot of their data through a dashboard, and then drill into the detail, even accessing unstructured data that sits underneath the structured data layer.’ says Nick. ‘We can’t wait for more clients to see the true power of their data.’

For further information or to register your interest in becoming a part of the program, go to Frisk Partner Program.