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Our Mission

To give businesses the power of sight.

We use flexible technology to lift businesses out of the data fog. Our software connects and enriches data, empowering businesses to make optimised decisions and identify new opportunities.

Frisk launched in 2008 and was founded to help businesses solve their disparate data problems.

There’s no denying that the digital age has brought an overwhelming amount of data into our lives. While many see this as a burden, we certainly don’t. In fact, we fundamentally believe that data can be powerful and advantageous, but only when harnessed in the right way.

Frisk was born from the need for a simple, user-friendly search and data optimisation tool in the SME space. And it didn’t take long for us to grow into the scalable, enterprise-grade company we are today. We bring benefit to our clients, ‘delivering on spec, on time and on budget’, by giving them a revolutionary tool that augments and harnesses data to optimise their decisions.

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Be a part of our fast-growing company that exists because of our diverse and experienced team. We’re always looking for smart, talented individuals to help us on our mission.

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