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Frisk Insight Engine is driven by a powerful combination of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) designed to transform your business’ access to intelligence.  

Connect the dots faster to get to impact sooner. 

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Whether you’re looking to get more out of low-quality and fragmented data sets, uncover concealed connections between data sets or entities, or simply just maximise the potential of your businesses data, Frisk Insight Engine delivers. 

Uncover concealed connections


Rapidly connect and analyse data across multiple storage locations and formats to identify the connections and relationships contained within.

Benefit from advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to cross-reference identifiers and intelligently locate possible networks, all while maintaining data fidelity.


Identify entities of interest


Build a view of referenced entities detected within data, with the ability to highly tune detection rules.

Utilises advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to trace connections within low-quality and fragmented structured and unstructured data sets. Leave no entity behind!


Entity network detection


Gain a deep understanding into possible networks hidden within data by applying advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to detect possible relationships between entity profiles.


Custom AI Insights


Work with our Frisk Data Science Consulting team to develop bespoke large language models (LLMs) tailored to your specific business needs.

Read more on Frisk Data Science Consulting.

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The outcomes we have been able to deliver to the business, and the insights we’ve gathered from bringing together all those disparate data sets has been nothing short of amazing.


Greg Williams, Deputy Commissioner, Smarter Data, ATO (now former) 

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Use cases for Frisk Insight Engine


Companies that utilise business intelligence are 5x more likely to land faster decisions than those that do not1.

While Frisk Insight Engine can help solve a range of business challenges, here are a few we love to tackle:

  • Expand networks for fraud investigations via intelligent analysis of entities and relationships and interactions between entities.
  • Extract entity information from low quality and fragmented data sets.
  • Utilise insight to improve decision-making and effectiveness in activities like customer relations, financial forecasting, supply-chain optimisation and more.
  • Develop scenario-specific automations that can make your business more effective in an area that matters most to you.

And more…


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