The hidden value of partial data

The hidden value of partial data


How to maximise the value of, and uncover insights within, data that exists in partial form.


Frisk Insight Engine uncovered previously hidden insights by revealing relationships and connections within partial data, improving business decision-making.



Intelligence information such as data disclosures, tip-offs and similar often arrive sporadically and in free-format or partial data.


The business challenges

Analysing this valuable data to make use of the insight contained takes hours of laborious and manual work to identify entities, patterns, and relationships between them.

Inconsistencies in the pre-existing approach to analysis also hampered a richer assessment of trends and information, with limited ability to connect analyses together.


The Frisk solution

Hidden insights revealed

Frisk Insight Engine’s analytical models incorporated ‘Spelling & Phrase Suggestions’ and ‘Numeric Pattern Matching’ features to help match strings of text that are only partially available within data.


Patterns and relationships, uncovered

Previously undetected relationships and behaviour patterns within data were able to be quickly and easily established with Frisk Insight Engine, enabling proactive identification of business-critical information to inform decision-making.

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