Large Language Models (LLMs)

Deep learning for deeper insights 

Large Language Models are foundational models that utilise deep learning in natural language processing (NLP) tasks.

Trained using a large volume of data, our LLMs can perform a variety of different tasks to benefit your business.

Unlock the power of Large Language Models (LLMs)

  • Custom LLMs

    Utilising Frisk Data Science Consulting, we can develop and securely train custom LLMs to perform a variety of tasks that will benefit your business.

    These models can be integrated into the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform, or another required platform to enable self-service access.

  • Cutting-edge models

    Benefit from a range of advanced techniques such as LLaMA, Falcon, Vicuna and more.

    The Frisk Data Science Consulting team utilise only the best and most suitable models for your data, with the ability to highly tune.

  • Custom functionality

    Whether its text summarisation, answering questions, preparing for downstream processes or more, we can customise our LLMs to suit your requirements.

    If there is a custom use case you’d like to deliver, we’ll come up with the model to achieve it.

  • Extensibility and adaptability

    New proprietary data? Sensitive data? New use case? No worries.

    Frisk securely develops, trains and supports all Large Language Models to ensure they evolve as your business does.

    Raw data is often inconsistent, incomplete, and messy, making it difficult to analyse for valuable insights.

    Frisk Data Engineers and the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform platform can completely transform even the trickiest of data into a useable format to ensure the data’s true potential can be achieved.

LLMs for a range of business cases 

Any business with a large amount of data can benefit from LLMs.

Here are some possible use cases to consider:

  • Regulation and compliance  
  • Process/manual task automation
  • Customer service
  • Personalisation
  • Increasing accuracy in tasks
  • Sentiment analysis

And more…



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