Connected data & intelligence for societal gain

Connected data & intelligence for societal gain


How to connect disparate data sets across government departments to drive better outcomes for citizens.


A mobile application and chatbot concept that combines search, natural language processing (NLP), and structured data storage to uncover and democratise access to useable insights to benefit societal issues.



A perfect storm was brewing in South Australia, with the state facing:

  • An increasingly ageing population who were most at risk for disabling health problems that required assistance from government.
  • The need for young people to be working to replace the tax contributions that were ageing out, yet there was a significant spike in young people ‘Not in Employment, Education or Training’ (NEET).


The business challenges

While the government was perfectly poised to take the lead in assisting these citizens, red tape, disparate departments, and data not being shared between departments were just some of the blockers facing those requiring help.


The Frisk solution

Partnering with ZED Management Consulting, we imagined a visionary approach that could address these complex societal challenges.

A future where people could access government assistance seamlessly, without having to repeatedly share their background and stories as they got bounced from one department to another.

A future where the system worked in a joined up, integrated way, and South Australians could gain support that showed understanding of their challenges, and reduced confusion and overwhelm.

This world was one in which the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform was utilised to create a virtual assistant (chatbot) and system navigation tool that was available via a mobile app, 24/7.

It engaged with individuals through a set of dynamic and context-aware questions, intelligently customising the questions based on acquired knowledge about their circumstances. The app also allowed for permission-based access to other connected data sources to enable a rich understanding of the situation, placing ownership of their evolving story in the user’s hands and allowing them to share what they saw fit.

The app was designed to seamlessly connect across government departments, allowing them to access all available information when assisting a person, without the need for the individual to repeat the story over and over again.

The integrated, citizen-centric technology combined search, natural language processing (NLP) and structured data storage to develop a knowledge graph that expands over time. The knowledge framework, powered by artificial intelligence, can scale to billions of potential outcomes over time, all delivering data-led insights through an easy-to-use mobile-based interface.

The data delivered intelligent insights that could not only be used to make better decisions to support the person concerned, but also provided broader insights that could be used to deliver better outcomes for all South Australians.


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