Democratised data for increased productivity

Democratised data for increased productivity


How to unlock the wealth of insight held within organisational data and drive efficiencies without deploying expensive and time-consuming processes or resources.


Annualised efficiencies of over $5M achieved via sub-second access to search results and insights held within more than 1.4 billion documents and records.



Existing insight discovery processes within a federal government agency meant staff had to submit an ad hoc request to data analyst/science teams, adding to resource cost and driving business inefficiencies.

Frisk was engaged to significantly improve the democratisation of data, with the aim of increasing data-driven decision-making, productivity, and efficiency.


The business challenges

Employees of the agency were responsible for a significant volume of research and analysis across numerous structured and unstructured data sources.

While it was agreed that the need for this research and analysis would not change, the desire was to impact the efficiency and effectiveness without the need to deploy expensive and time-consuming processes or resources.

Specific challenges to be addressed included:

  • The considerable time taken and/or inability to find required information without knowing exactly where it was stored. Often it took specialist staff weeks to obtain the required result(s).
  • Limited ability to refine search criteria or use free-form text. Search was limited to data base fields and metadata.
  • Siloed data in a variety of location and formats that were not connected/would not allow for a single search to deliver an enterprise-wide view.
  • The effort and time taken to search across the volume of data that existed.


The Frisk solution

Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence was deployed to enable enterprise-wide data connectedness and enrichment, allowing for an aggregate view that empowered data-driven decision making and delivered significant productivity increases and ROI.

Frisk delivered a fundamental shift in the client’s operational paradigm – from one that was plagued by complexity and inefficiency to one that was more effective and efficient.


‘Hidden’ data unlocked

Frisk unlocked over 1.4 billion notes, documents and attachments that were inaccessible within Siebel CRM and multiple additional document repositories across the organisation, as well as specific publicly available information.

The increased efficiencies delivered through data democratisation led to an annualised efficiency and saving of over $5 million per annum.


Data enrichment

The Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform enabled key documents to be identified based on their content (vs. filename), with Natural Language Processing (NLP) allowing for additional content to be inferred such as legislative references, document types and industry types.


Search times, transformed

After Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence deployment, over 12,000 users could rapidly (sub-second) locate pertinent information, saving one department an estimated 85 minutes per day, per person on research tasks.


Productivity and confidence

Over 90% of Frisk users in the agency surveyed considered Frisk to be ‘integral to their ability to complete their daily work with confidence’.


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