A next generation platform
that gives your business
the power of sight

Frisk is the next generation in data augmentation and decision optimisation software. It is a flexible platform that connects, indexes and augments your data to deliver intuitive search and powerful insights that guide business decisions.

What do we do?

  • Rise above the data fog

    We connect data from multiple locations and generate key insights in real-time, so you can make optimal decisions when you need to. We empower clients to rise out of the data fog, to the top of the mountain, where the view is clear and wide.

  • Cut through barriers

    Data migration can be arduous, expensive and time-consuming and data lakes often fail to clear the fog. Frisk can cut through typical technical barriers to reach and connect all your enterprise data in its current location and make it accessible through one intuitive user interface.

  • The power of insight

    When relevant data across your business is connected, you can unleash the power of insight through data analysis and augmentation. Your staff will be able to forecast future trends, pinpoint meaningful information and identify the best new opportunities.

  • Intuitive search and discovery

    You don’t have to be limited by how your data was tagged or labelled in the past. Search for information across your enterprise data by meaning, content or similarity, and get sub-second results.

  • Make informed decisions

    You make better decisions when you have the right information, at the right time. Harnessing all your data to cut through the fog can make all the difference, whether you’re choosing the best new market opportunities for growth or the right way to manage a client.

  • Enhance the customer experience

    If you can't harness all the information in your various free-text sources, how can you truly understand a client’s experience or sentiment? Frisk unlocks access to data that was previously impractical to use for insights and decisions.

How can we do this?

Our flexible data optimisation software lets you harness the immense power of your data. The software connects to data where it is stored, then links and augments it to produce useful insights.

It empowers users to locate the right information and insights to optimise decision-making, improve productivity, service clients and increase revenue. We call this the power of sight.

Every company is different, which is why we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. We configure, organise and intuitively tailor the way you view your data — for your overall company needs, as well as for the business lines within your organisation. It is readily searchable through an intuitive, central user interface.

Our collaborative approach ensures we’re always around to help you leverage your data and maximise its potential.

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