Data engineering

Maximise the useability of your data

Most businesses possess large volumes of data, however ensuring that data is optimised toward useability can often feel out of reach. 

That’s where data engineering can help. 

The power of data engineering can help your business uncover insights that improve operations, drive growth, and stay competitive in today’s data-driven environment. 

Unlock the full potential of your data with Frisk data engineering capabilities.

  • Modern end-to-end data pipeline

    The Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform is built upon a configuration-driven end-to-end pipeline that expertly connects disparate data sets, indexes, and enriches structured and unstructured data, and flows through to visualisation and integration.

  • Ingestion of data from disparate & siloed sources

    Many businesses hold data in different types or formats that reside in separate systems, platforms or databases that do not integrate or “speak” to one another.

    The Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform connects disparate data sources across your organisation to enable a centralised pool of data in which to search and draw insight from. Wherever your data lives, Frisk will connect it.

  • Various file format processing

    PDF, DOCX, JPEG, CSV, TXT...and more.

    The Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform intelligently processes a wide range of file formats to enable indexing and search across available sources.

    Unlock all available insight from your data with no more need for manual intervention or time consuming non-automated processes.

  • Data transformations

    Does your business hold onto JSON, XML, CSV or other raw forms of data?

    Raw data is often inconsistent, incomplete, and messy, making it difficult to analyse for valuable insights.

    Frisk Data Engineers and the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform can completely transform even the trickiest of data into a useable format to ensure the data’s true potential can be achieved.

  • Data cleansing

    Imperfect data? No worries.

    Let the Frisk Data Science Consulting team cleanse your data to fix or remove any number of data integrity issues. From incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate or incomplete, we’ll get it sorted.

  • Preserving data integrity

    We take the value of your data very seriously and believe that protecting the validity and accuracy of data increases stability and performance while also improving useability and maintainability.

    Trust the team at Frisk to maintain your data’s integrity at every stage.

  • Data model development

    The Frisk Data Science Consulting team have extensive experience designing, blueprinting, and implementing data models to enable your business to use its data to effectively meet business requirements.

    Let us provide the best solution to enable the efficient analysis of your business data.

  • Data enrichment for downstream analytical purposes

    A vital step in creating data sets that are optimised for analysis.

    Let the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform aggregate and consolidate first-party data and available data sources (such as external and third-party data), apply business-specific logic, data categorisation and create new data sets on ingest, to maximise the value of your data and insights.

  • Performance tuning

    Frisk’s expertise lies in its ability to index and deliver intelligent insights at volume, and at speed.

    By analysing database schema, data access patterns, indexing strategies and more, the Frisk team will provide optimisation recommendation to improve performance, speed and efficiency of database and indexing operations.

    With Frisk you can expect intelligent insights and better decision-making power, fast.

  • Data governance

    Ensuring your business has a strong data governance structure in place is critical.

    Frisk will help you manage the availability, usage, integrity and security of data in your enterprise systems.

Data engineering for a range of business cases 


Any business with a significant amount of data is sitting on value locked in that data. That’s where data engineering solutions can help.  

If you have a large amount of data and want to unlock it’s potential, talk to us about how Frisk can help.  

Possible use cases for data engineering:

  • Regulation and compliance  
  • Customer analytics 
  • Risk management  
  • Demand forecasting  
  • Personalised recommendations 

And more…

Could Frisk help transform your business decision-making?

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