Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Technology with the smarts of a human

Natural Language Processing, or NLP is a brand of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a machine learning technology that provides computers the ability to comprehend, interpret and utilise human language. It has revolutionised communication and the way that we interact with machines.

NLP enables computers to process human language and ‘understand’ the meaning behind those words, such as intent and sentiment.

Harness the power of NLP to achieve demonstrable business results:

  • Large-scale analysis, revolutionised

    Frisk’s NLP capabilities allow for text analysis on a huge variety of document types, including both structured and unstructured source, to be performed in minutes, vs. what might have previously taken your business days or weeks.

  • Tailor-made NLP solutions

    Utilising Frisk Data Science Consulting, we will understand your business’ individual requirements and develop a bespoke NLP algorithm that delivers the results you desire. The algorithm can be integrated into the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform, or another required platform to enable self-service access.

  • Technology that evolves with you

    Frisk NLP tools can be continually updated and trained as your business evolves and can also scale up or down. Get access to as much or as little training and computational power as you need.

  • Uncover actionable insights

    Benefit from AI-driven intelligence that can quickly uncover connections and actionable insights hidden within unstructured data.

    Raw data is often inconsistent, incomplete, and messy, making it difficult to analyse for valuable insights.

    Frisk Data Engineers and the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform can completely transform even the trickiest of data into a useable format to ensure the data’s true potential can be achieved.

  • Minimise human intervention/error

    Computers are inherently better positioned to deliver a more objective analysis than humans.

    Our NLP tools can be trained to analyse text-based data consistent with your business’ specific requirements, without the need for unnecessary human intervention.

NLP solutions for a range of business cases

Any business with a large amount of data can benefit from Natural Language Processing solutions.

If you have a large amount of data and want to unlock it’s potential, talk to us about how Frisk can help.  

Possible use cases for Natural Language Processing:

  • Producing course or report summaries
  • Document processing
  • Investigation & fraud
  • Customer service e.g., chatbots & digital assistants
  • Market sentiment analysis
  • Predictive modelling

And more…



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