Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Extract maximum value from your data

The amount of data created in the world is growing exponentially every day, and the volume of unstructured and semi-structured data has increased the importance of processing it efficiently and effectively.  

Most of the data stored by businesses exists in unstructured format or where text is contained within images, such as emails, scanned documents in PDFs and more. 

While inherently difficult to index, unstructured data often contains crucial business insights.  

Intelligent Document Processing maximises the value that can be extracted from your data, eliminating manual intervention and enhancing productivity.  

Intelligent Document Processing - extract maximum value from your data

  • Next-generation technologies

    Frisk’s Intelligent Document Processing capability utilises machine learning (ML) and optical character recognition (OCR) to scan and extract text from unstructured data, at high-speed.

    Benefit from multiple levels of text extraction, squeezing every bit of value out of available data (including metadata).

  • Various forms of data, one pipeline

    Documents with a wide range of variation can be easily indexed, with unstructured and structured data combined in the one process. Where related data is stored in multiple locations, Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform can process and link related documents in the same pipeline, improving end user efficiency and solving disparate data challenges.

    Images embedded within a document are processed separately to create an explicit record.

  • OCR at speed and scale

    To maximise speed of extraction, OCR runs across multiple servers and nodes, with intelligent extraction logic out-of-the-box, based on file type and extraction requirements. Technology can be scaled and highly tuned to meet business needs.

  • Instantly benefit from extracted insights

    Once extracted, text can be instantly searched and analysed within the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform, unleashing previously unavailable insights to deliver business value and improve organisational processes.

    Where context matters, benefit from intelligence that can recognise document types to infer context, even if these are business specific.

Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) for a range of business use cases

Any business with a large amount of data can benefit from Intelligent Document Processing.

If you have a large amount of data and want to unlock it’s potential, talk to us about how Frisk can help.  

Possible use cases for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP):

  • Extract text and insights from unstructured data i.e. invoice automation
  • Unifying data sets or getting more out of existing data
  • Fraud detection
  • Financial reporting
  • Claims processing
  • Bill and onboarding automation
  • Inventory tracking
  • Account opening & closing automation
  • Reduce manual labour and errors i.e., compliance and regulatory reporting/automation
  • Speed up processes and save time/money
  • Exporting data into other applications

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