Frisk Enterprise Search

Data, unified 

Insights, democratised

Decision-making, revolutionised. 


Whatever the data type, wherever it’s located, Frisk Enterprise Search can transform the way your business makes decisions.    

Powered by artificial intelligence, Frisk Enterprise Search’s flexible pipeline connects data across stores and formats, utilises structure-agnostic indexing to extract text from structured and unstructured data, and then enriches your data to uncover business-changing insights.  

Benefits of Frisk Enterprise Search

Whether your business is looking to democratise insights, make better, more data-driven decisions or save your business time and money, deploy Frisk Enterprise Search and power up your data.   

Extract value from all your data


With a significant volume of data existing in most businesses, growing daily, it makes strong business sense to maximise the potential of this data.  

Forrester estimates that if a “typical Fortune 1000 business were able to increase data accessibility by just 10%, it would generate more than $65 million in additional net income.”  

Frisk Enterprise Search ensures you can get the most of your data.  

  • Access a singular view of all enterprise data without data structure limitations. Frisk accurately indexes data regardless of whether it’s structured, semi-structured or unstructured.   
  • Within a configuration-driven and end-to-end pipeline, take advantage of advanced machine learning (ML) and optical character recognition (OCR) to scan and extract text from unstructured data at high speed and scale. And, unlike some of our competitors, Frisk will not charge a per document OCR fee – it comes standard.  
  • Apply business-specific logic, data categorisation and create new data sets on ingestion. Not only is data enhanced and enriched to improve accuracy and reliability, upon ingestion the value in your data is instantly unleashed and available for insight discovery.


Intelligent search capabilities for better results 


Go beyond the standard search experience with Frisk Enterprise Search.  

  • Benefit from natural language processing (NLP) that enables partial data matching and pattern detection to enhance search results, exceeding the capability of a standard spell check or search engine.  
  • Simplify results and fast-track decision-making via automated recognition of patterns and regularities located in data, at speed.  
  • Achieve sub-second lookup across disparate data sets via a hierarchical view that demonstrates relationships between multiple data points with a parent record.  
  • Utilise frequent terms and business-specific context to dynamically define new search parameters from an existing record or group of search results, to identify records of similar context.   
  • Get the most relevant results and improve efficiency via custom-defined weightings that modify search outcomes.  
  • Search within dynamically driven fields to increase the accuracy of complex queries.  
  • Annotate and tag searches to organise according to operational requirements and save searches to access later or share with permissioned users.  

Deliver business efficiencies and increase effectiveness. 


Results from survey conducted by BARC found that businesses utilising big data saw an 8% increase in profit and a 10% reduction in cost. Could your business benefit from those kinds of outcomes?  

  • Take advantage of a configurable and user-friendly UI that delivers an intuitive and flexible view that democratises data insights. Reduce internal reliance on data science resources, and tailor access for users through group or roles-based permissions.  
  • Benefit from a combination of artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) plus optical character recognition (OCR) designed to uncover previously hidden insights that can take your decision-making to the next level.  
  • Allows users to uncover and access (once authorised), possible relevant insights while maintaining data governance and security permissions.
  • Derive advanced insights tailored to business use cases, via off-the-shelf or cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs)* developed to execute within the Frisk pipeline. 
  • Bypass the slow, manual process of connecting to source data systems to collate required documents. Create and edit collection(s) of documents in search results and download via a single click.  
  • Reduce the clicks required to launch fast search of connected Sharepoint data sources via the Frisk Enterprise Search widget.  

* Large language model (LLM) development requires Frisk Data Science Consulting services to develop the model prior to deployment.

“The efficiency gains we have made in storing and retrieving our data since using Frisk is phenomenal.”


Ian Melton, Head of Information Technology, Autoleague

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Frisk Enterprise Search for a range of use cases


A well-cited McKinsey report found that employees spend an average of 1.8 hours per day, or 9.3 hours per week searching and gathering information to support their work.

Frisk Enterprise Search can change that.

  • Unlock value from notoriously difficult to manage, and often most prevalent, unstructured documents and files.
  • Fast-track FOI, GIPA and RTI request fulfillment with the ability to search and access all related documentation in one interface.
  • When new or time-sensitive data sets become available, access insights quickly and easily e.g., fraud investigations
  • Create structured data for easy access, end-to-end data processing and down-stream processes.
  • Improve Customer Service by providing real-time and data-led information related to customer enquiries.
  • Interrogate previous-decision making or documentation to confirm accuracy or compliance e.g., when new regulations are released.
  • Reduce reliance on internal data science capabilities and speed up data science outcomes.
  • Drive efficient research and business outcomes while balancing data security protocols and permissions.
  • Where it’s important to delve below surface level insights, dig deeper using advanced search e.g., to identify patterns and correlations between data.


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