eDiscovery: Increasing consistency and efficiency

eDiscovery: Increasing consistency and efficiency


How to ensure consistent interpretation and application of law when being informed by a myriad of data types across sources.


Data was connected and indexed, with dynamic context applied through access to OSINT sources.

Bespoke search intelligence was enabled to improve decision-making, with insights democratised, increasing consistency and reducing delays and inefficiencies previously stemming from a reliance on data science resources to pull required information.



Consistent interpretation and application of law is of fundamental importance to a fair society.


The business challenges

For a high-profile legal team, researching legal precedent, decisions and related information involved manual searches across multiple data locations, both internal and external, and aggregating research points to draw out insights.

This process was time consuming, heavily reliant on an individual’s e-discovery and synthesisation skills, and applied little-to-no consistent best-practice processes. Oftentimes, some data sources were simply missed.


The Frisk solution


Data, connected

Frisk Enterprise Search was deployed to connect and index data stored within enterprise data sources including Microsoft SharePoint and the client’s website. Dynamic context was also generated through access to open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources such as published taxation laws.

This enabled a single e-discovery interface that provided access to legal references and precedent across important, but previously disconnected, data locations.


Bespoke search intelligence

By understanding the client’s needs, the Frisk Data Consulting team were able to enable weighting of data to provide emphasis on the right information.

For example, legal opinion from a Barrister was given a higher weighting than a comment from a case officer in an email. This meant that the decisions being made were not just more efficiently made, but also more effective.


Data, democratised

Frisk Enterprise Search enabled the available data and insights to be accessed by the staff making the decisions via an easy-to-navigate user interface, reducing delays previously caused by requiring data scientists to pull the required information.


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