IAPA Women in Analytics Spotlight – Q&A with Hollie Doran

IAPA Women in Analytics Spotlight – Q&A with Hollie Doran


In a normal day, what kinds of data / analytics activities are you involved in?

Frisk is an Adelaide-based, NextGen agile data intelligence company and technology platform that provides artificial intelligence, data augmentation and decision optimisation solutions to SME, enterprise and government customers.

The Frisk product is designed to revolutionise the way organisations utilise and augment data to deliver powerful insights that optimise decision-making, delivering tangible commercial benefits to the business.

Some use cases include –

– Enterprise search

– Fast-tracking FOIs

– Pinpointing PII

– Legal Discovery

For the last few years (in different capacities) I have been managing the marketing and communications for the brand. This also includes providing insight, trends and recommendations for product development.


What are the biggest challenges you face?

It is still a male dominated industry, although in my experience women are wholly embraced.

One of the biggest challenges is still to get industry and businesses to recognise the importance of a sophisticated and sustained data strategy, and the insight that is hidden within data.

Another is around the understanding of, and showing the importance of unstructured data. By 2025 it is estimated that over 80% of all data will be unstructured, yet many businesses are not prioritising or properly indexing this type of data.

Hopefully over time there is more awareness of the value of data and the insights it can uncover.


What would be the proudest or most enjoyable moment in your analytics career?

I was part of the team that prepared the brand, strategy and plans for a capital raise. That was a high point.


What advice would you give to a woman wanting to get into the analytics industry?

Keep on fighting the good fight!


In terms of the future of analytics, what do you think will be the most interesting aspect/s?

The application of AI, the security of data (also linked to AI applications like Chat GPT), the democratisation of data (making it easier for end-users to get insights) and unstructured data.


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