Data Science Consulting

Modern organisations are inundated with data, in all sorts of forms, and all sorts of locations. 


By harnessing the power of data science, organisations can efficiently understand data from multiple sources and derive valuable insights to enable more intelligent, data-driven decisions.  

With Frisk, your business can benefit from access to advanced data science techniques and analytics capabilities, with the ability to augment in-house resources or expand your business’ capabilities without the need to hire FTEs.  

Could your business benefit from our trusted and proven Data Science Consulting? 

Transform your business with Frisk Data Science Consulting


If you need a bespoke, cutting-edge algorithm or model to be developed, supported or maintained, Frisk Data Science Consulting is the solution for you. 


Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions

Utilising cutting-edge techniques, our consultants can develop a bespoke NLP algorithm to suit your business’ needs. Frisk excels at delivering NLP solutions as required, with the ability to integrate into the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform or another required platform to enable self-service access.


Machine Learning (ML) consulting

Our consultants specialise in developing and deploying machine learning models, tailored to solve your specific problem.

From the ground up, our data engineering team will design and build a system for collecting, storing, and transforming your data to feed into advanced deep learning models.

Our machine learning (ML) techniques strive to uncover human-level insights, continuously iterating and improving as they ingest large volumes of your unstructured data. These automated insights provide instant efficiencies to decision-making and reporting for any organisation.

Frisk has extensive knowledge managing both structured and unstructured data at scale to accommodate all systems.


Large Language Models (LLMs)

Frisk data scientists are experts at custom large language model (LLM) development, support, and maintenance.

Utilising data reflective of your business, our team can securely train LLMs to learn patterns and relationships in language that are most valuable to your business.

Once developed, these custom-made LLMs can be integrated into the Frisk Analytics and Business Intelligence platform, enabling self-service access, or deployed as a service and integrated with existing systems/platforms.


Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Before undertaking modelling and further statistical analyses, we’ll interrogate your data to determine predominant traits, uncover previously hidden patterns and anomalies, locate outliers, and identify relationships between variables.

Data science solutions for a range of business cases 

There are an untold number of business cases where Data Science Consulting can deliver benefits.  

When there is substantial amounts of data available, uncovering hidden insights via data science leads to a clearer, more informed decision-making process which saves time and money.  

Possible use cases for data science:  

  • Product and service strategy & development
  • Risk & compliance
  • Supply chain & operations optimisations
  • Financial forecasting and analysis
  • Increasing consumer satisfaction
  • Driving innovation

And more…



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