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Frisk PI Detection

Pinpoint Personal Information to reduce risk and aid compliance


The prevalence of, and business risk associated with data breaches is on the rise, and at the core of most breaches is Personal Information (PI).

Being able to detect PI, determine potential risk and utilise insights to inform business processes and compliance is now business critical for many, if not all businesses.

That’s where Frisk PI Detection can help.

Explore the benefits of the next generation in PI detection


Protecting privacy requires advanced technologies


Go beyond simple pattern matching and utilise the power of natural language processing (NLP), OCR and context analysis to accurately pinpoint Personal information (PI) lurking within structured and unstructured enterprise data.

With Frisk PI Detection, you can understand the volume and type of PI stored, assess your business’ risk position, inform business processes, and aid regulatory compliance.

PI types detected include names & addresses, medicare numbers, Australian passport numbers, TFN, ABNs and more.


Tailored to your business needs


Customise PI detection rules to increase detection accuracy by locating PI instances that are specific to your organisation, such as employee number.


Aid regulatory & stakeholder reporting requirements


Ability to filter and group detected PI into meaningful categories for your business, and export report.

Utilise report to update stakeholders on business risk position, demonstrate risk mitigation or track changes over time, possibly reducing liability in the event of a breach.




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Deploy Frisk PI Detection for a range of use cases


Under Australia’s Privacy Act, the maximum penalties for serious or repeated privacy breaches is now $50m or more. No longer can companies, and particularly Company Directors, not take their role in the protection of PI seriously. That’s where Frisk PI Detection can help. 

  • Accurately detect PI instances in data stores to inform risk mitigation and compliance strategies e.g., Privacy Act APPs.
  • Utilise information provided for regulator and stakeholder reporting in the event of a notifiable breach, and possibly to reduce liability e.g., OAIC, ASIC, customers.
  • Leverage detailed analytics to provide intel to internal stakeholders to inform decision-making.
  • Harness insights to determine business readiness to comply with overseas or other data protection obligations e.g., GDPR, CCPA.
  • Capture data insights to inform or form part of a ‘data breach response plan’ (in line with OIAC recommendations).
  • Go beyond the simple pattern-matching available in some scanning tools and benefit from an advanced range of technologies deployed in Frisk.

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