Cathy Daniels appointed as Head of Delivery

Cathy Daniels appointed as Head of Delivery


Adelaide, Monday, February 17, 2023

Adelaide data intelligence company Frisk has appointed Cathy Daniels as Head of Delivery to lead its three delivery departments.

Cathy was previously Frisk’s GM of Client Delivery, but now takes an expanded role and is responsible for driving the strategic outcomes of the business leading client delivery, service delivery and application delivery.

The role includes implementing solutions and processes to effectively deliver programmes of work and enhance the sophistication of Frisk’s delivery methods.

Cathy is an experienced software leader with previous diverse experience in both the public sector and pivotal roles within leading Australian Internet Providers.

“I am thrilled to join the Frisk executive team and look forward to a continued focus on delivering strategic and effective outcomes for our clients. There are many exciting things planned for Frisk in 2023, and the delivery department team members and I can’t wait to make these a reality.” says Cathy.

Frisk CEO Nick Kervin said the Cathy’s appointment strengthened the Frisk offering in the market and also added to the executive level of the business.

“Cathy has been a key player in the Frisk team’s success for nearly two years, which is evidenced by her rise through the ranks. We have full confidence in Cathy’s abilities to help take Frisk to the next level, so keep an eye out for things to come.

The new role focuses on delivering exceptional customer service to all Frisk clients, and includes the implementation of processes and tools to deliver gold-class solutions and sophisticated delivery of the Frisk product for all clients.

To get in contact with Cathy or another member of the frisk team, email