A message from our Managing Director and CEO, Cliff Garrels

A message from our Managing Director and CEO, Cliff Garrels


As the year draws to a close and we have time to reminisce about our successes, we cannot discount the challenges and hardships that befell us, our clients and wider community.

However, 2020 has been one of our strongest years to date and we saw incredible growth in both our capabilities and brand.

Our team continued to evolve with the recruitment of more innovative minds that look to broaden our data augmentation and decision optimisation potential. Together, we continued to expand our product capabilities, resulting in the successful delivery of new functions and solutions that moved Frisk further into the Analytics and AI space.

Development of new features including Research Hub,  Bespoke Identity Index, Global Safe Search and Analyse Results have delivered valuable outcomes to clients through tactical or production implementations.

We were committed to providing our clients with clarity in a year where often uncertainty prevailed. Through actionable insights derived from our data augmentation and decision optimisation, we helped them make better decisions and aided them in responding to COVID-19 requests from clients quickly and efficiently. By providing them with the tools for good data access, we put them in good stead to power forward into 2021.

Whilst a fog of uncertainty due to COVID-19 still hangs over our community, Frisk will remain committed to providing clarity and certainty where we can, leveraging our data augmentation and decision optimisation tools to give our clients the power of sight and placing them on top of the mountain with a 360 degree view.

Merry Christmas. Have a safe and joyous holiday and remember to enjoy the view.

Cliff Garrels, Managing Director and CEO