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Our flexible solution, FISC, unlocks enormous value for our clients through an intuitive end-to-end experience that connects and enriches data and empowers decision optimisation.

A user-friendly search and insight interface, FISC cuts through technology barriers to find and identify important information and missed opportunities. While we do collaborate with data scientists, analysts and enterprise IT specialists, FISC can generally be used by people who don’t boast a high level of data and IT literacy. FISC is an improvement over single source/inherent search engines because it can connect many disparate data sources in one interface.

This revolutionary software has a number of other standout capabilities. Flexible content fetching and processing, as well as a distributed full-text index and content analytics capabilities, makes FISC fast, robust and scalable.

Security is also an integral part of our solution. We honour your network permissions structure, and configurable audit logging is included.

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Which industries do we work with?

  • Government

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • Health

  • Mining and Resources

  • Automotive

  • Legal

  • Charity and NFP

  • Many more...

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